Saturday, September 25, 2010

King Kong in Paris

Until October 10, Le Printemps – one of the two large department stores at the Boulevard Haussmann – is celebrating… New York City! Thus, on top of fashion related items (like an exclusive T-shirts series) they also have little attractions and NYC art exhibit. One of them is this 4 meter high King Kong created by Mr Brainwash – who apparently is a famous street artist in the US. Very cool… And very appreciated by passers-by, I can assure you ;-). Let me take this opportunity to say hi to all my visitors from the Big Apple, that I miss! Update: talking about NYC, the Fresh Air fund is looking for runners for the NYC Marathon. Check this, if you want to be part of it.


  1. I love this interpretation of King Kong! His abs are impressive & his hairy arms look cuddly :-). Most of all, he is painting the town pink - my favorite color!

    Hi Monica - yes we were twins all along :-). Hi Petrea - it really is me :-), & hi Carrie - see you at the office next week :-)

    I love your site, Eric! Are you still Zazzling? I need to buy some new stamps & a calendar for 2011!

  2. And...what is the pink thing...?

    I love Printemps. I have some great photos of the construction shroud on their facade. It looked like the street facade and the reflected Opera. I wish I could be in that business.

  3. As your #1 (I hope) visitor from la grande pomme, let me just say, "Woo-hoo!" Must have been the 50th anniversary of the original movie (1983)—I lived 10 blocks from the Empire State Bldg. and was taking my kids to nursery school when one of them pointed up and said, "Mommy, look at the big monkey!" This one is smaller but definitely looks scarier! (And don't you love the website of Mr. Brainwash?)

  4. Are you sure it isn't the purple people eater? Very funny and what a tribute to NYC. I've only been there once, to catch a plane to Israel, but what I saw out the window was interesting and I hope someday to explore all the wonder that is New York. But definitely after Paris!

  5. this is the wildest King Kong I've ever seen!

  6. PS
    When are you coming back for another visit Eric???

  7. Old King Kong is looking a touch overweight, bit of a spare tyre. perhaps. This Kong would have bounced back up when he fell from the Empire State Building.

    Christie, perhaps he's just eaten the Purple People Eater.

  8. NYC in Paris (?)
    Very scary King Kong.
    I have never seen a King Kong movie so i actually don't know the story.
    I would love to go to New York some day, and now that King Kong has moved to Paris it should be absolutely safe to go there....

  9. A tourist photo my friend, the image of a legend of Hollywood. Great your photo at the Marriott.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]