Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Water games at La Défense

I had a meeting at La Défense today, the main business district of Paris. It's a quarter I really like because of the stunning architecture of the buildings (mostly skyscrapers), because it's a pedestrian area and because you can come across a lot of sculptures and other forms of art. Hence this Agam Fountain (named after  Yaacov Agam) made of enamel from Venice. The "cloud" in the background belongs to La Grande Arche, but you probably already recognized it...


  1. Oh! They do exactly the same in Lyon. I'm loving it! It feels good in the red hot Summer.

    En attendant un automne qui arrive en douceur.

  2. I can tell you like La Défense, just from your photos (past and present) of this area. I wonder what it would be like to live around here.

  3. That's wild! It looks like the place where new things happen.

  4. *** Nice shot!!! ***

    La Defense has changed so much since I used to work there, all for the better, actually. The whole district is truly impressive. The EDF tower, La Grande Arche and a few other buildings are fine pieces of architecture.

  5. @Alexa, I would not personally like to live around there, because despite all the improvements, it's still mostly a business district, meaning a lot of towers, concrete and a *lot* of 9 to 5 human traffic.

    But to each its own ;)

  6. Next time, I need to go see La Defense. However, I confess, I don't know if I will make Paris next year. Leonardo's "Last Supper" is calling me, as well as Michelangelo's churches in Florence. You know I love Paris, but...?

  7. But you can make a stop in CDG before you go home!

  8. I like La Defence too :) especially the huge toy shop in the mall nearby...
    and Igor Mitoraj's sculpture Tindareos.

  9. I love La Defense, it reminds me of downtown in my town(Vancouver) but just few metro stops and I am back to good old Paris:)...thank you Eric.

  10. Beau rendu, esthétique. Almost in B&W, but not completely. I saw this choice in your Tomate party shot too. Interesting. I hope the meeting was colorful, joyful, lifeful, hopeful.
    Today, in my Google page, there's a fun game with the letters, a little like a water game. I love it. Really cool. Like Internet pages can be sometimes.

  11. You're right, Flore! The google page is funny today, with all these coloured spots avoiding the mouse ;-)

    Eric, I hope your (nice!) shot is not premonitory, and that the weather today in Paris will not be as wet!!

  12. I must confess I like stormy weather. It gives essence to life. Sometimes, I have problem dealing with "The Unbearable Lightness of Being".

    La vie est plus belle quand on l’écrit soi-même.

  13. @ Flore

    Acute Observations. Bra-ful! Oh no...I meant to say "A cute observation, Bravo!"

    Please excuse my rusty English / French. ( à chacun son goût OR chacun à son goût, if you wish)


  14. How pretty! I think if there was anything named after me, I would want it to be a fountain. I love the sound the water makes; it just makes me happy! (yes, like black and white polka dots do!)

  15. Bonjour Keats,
    Merci ... for your -not rusty- witty words.
    I smiled - a lot - at 'bra-ful' which I forgot, oddly!
    Hmm Keats, I guess I should read Kundera in extenso (saw the movie with this title).
    Do you write yourself - novels, short stories, biographies?

    @Thib, "with all these coloured spots avoiding the mouse" : I like how you put it into words! C'est bien ça :)

  16. Very interesting shot!! I used to have to go through La Defense everyday when I was living on Île de la Jatte once upon a time one autumn. I agree with tomate that it isn't really the type of area one would want to live in. It is pleasant enough but I think it can be compared to the "Financial District" of any major American city, busy during the day but rather abandoned in the evening.

  17. @Alexa. Living around La Défense? Well I'm not so sure...

    @Tomate "La Defense has changed so much since I used to work there" And it keeps changing all the time. There is always work going on somewhere over there!

    @Jeff " I don't know if I will make Paris next year" What?!!!!

    @Flore "I hope the meeting was colorful, joyful, lifeful, hopeful." Yeah, well, sort of...

    @Thib "Eric, I hope your (nice!) shot is not premonitory, and that the weather today in Paris will not be as wet" LOL. Well it was a bit premonitory...

    @Keats. Ahhh the unbearable lightness of being... Tell me about it!

    @Tonton_flnauer "It is pleasant enough but I think it can be compared to the "Financial District" of any major American city, busy during the day but rather abandoned in the evening." True but... since recently they have one of the rare shopping malls open on Sundays...

  18. Eric, tu me fais rougir...

    Let's talk about Kieślowski's "Three Colours" and "The Decalogue" instead.

    They are equally interesting, je t'assure!

  19. @ Flore "Do you write yourself - novels, short stories, biographies?"

    Hmmm...my life revolves completely around books and academia. By writing at a young age, I gave birth to two rolls and a bee.

    As good as it gets :)

  20. @Flore "I guess I should read Kundera..."

    To me, Kundera surpasses a great number of Nobel Laureates (Literature). I am still sorting out "why" the Nobel goes to J.M. Coetzee. It bewildered me to such an extend that I can say I am shocked.

    Please excuse my bluntness. I mean what I say; I say what I mean, comme toujours!

  21. @Eric

    We shall talk more when I am in Paris. You will be entertained greatly. I am as good as my words.


    p.s. We will be re-producing Gounod's "Roméo et Juliette" in October, Dallas, USA.

    Opera in five Acts

  22. Keats, I thank you for taking the time to answer me and going even further, with lots of humour. The unbearable lightness of being is inspiring you, as I see. But you certainly gave birth to more, no doubt on that. Or at least to a smart and witty bee.
    Bleu, blanc, rouge, are three movies I liked a lot, when I saw them, which means when I was much younger. I don't know what I'd think of them now...
    I don't know J.M. Coetzee. What I've read about him (after your quote) was pretty good on him though.
    Cheers to you. You are such a good drink.

  23. @ Flore

    "You are such a good drink."

    Hmmmm...Alcohols are bad for the body. Make sure you consume with moderation / excessive moderation (si tu veux)

    You are putting yourself at risk, mind you!


  24. @Keats. Do let me know when you're around. I cannot always make myself available, but if I can it'll be a pleasure to meet you.

  25. @ Eric, for sure!

    I will be STATIONING in Paris for a while. We will get all the world's time to laze and jest.

    In fact, I worked with TV5MONDE (ASIE) last Summer. We accomplished a lot of Artsy projects together.

    I also worked with Jane Birkin, Nana Mouskouri & L'Orchestre National de France (Kurt Masur).

    Will certainly keep you posted when I am around.