Saturday, October 23, 2010

Playing Football

I took this photo at the Reuilly gardens in the 12th arrondissement. They have a little field in which young - and less young! - people can play football and ball games in general. There is not much to say about it, I just like the color effect behind the grid. Have a good weekend everyone. Mine will be "connected" as I'll be attending the Webdeux Connect gathering (a geeky meet up!).


  1. Great, colourful and fresh photograph and I am the first to comment!

  2. Well, well, Eric. That's the first time you make a HUGE mistake. "There is not much to say about it"...........................................................................playing football is a matter of life and dead! I love the orange shirt (Hup Holland).
    Cheers from Tilburg

  3. I like the color behind the grid, too. You are watching pick-up football, and we are sitting here praying that the Yankees do NOT lose their baseball game tonight. Love your shot.

  4. Balls. Is there a reason humans love playing with balls? Ok, ok, don't get all Freudian on me.

    I'm watching game 6 between the Yankees and the Texas Rangers. But I need to clean up after the gym and go to a party at...the Walker Art Center, for an opening of the exhibit on Yves Klein. French, anyone?

  5. Love the movement you captured here, Eric. Enjoy your geeky weekend!

  6. @ Peter, LOOOOL : you are right as far as I'm concerned in football, it seems to be a huge matter of talkings !!!

    The ball is the way to connect players on a football game and Eric is introduced as a "connector" in the webdeux Connect website which IS a great and fine definition of Eric!!

    BTW, may you have a look to these nice photos links :
    and to this one :
    Copy and paste the links if you are interested. Sorry, I don't know how to create links like most of you are able to do ! Which can also be a kind of definition of me but I swear I did not intent to make this pun... ;-)

    Have a great fun Eric!

  7. I just forgot to say that I think these photos are really good and that is why I allowed myself to put the links here! I hope you won't blame me, Eric! And I also read really interesting articles on the WebDeux Connect website. Seems to be a great atmosphere.

  8. Merci pour le lien Eric.
    En gros, t'es le Zinédine Zidane du web ;-)

    Pas mal les photos et sympa ce webdeux (on dirait meetic traduit en français, c'est fait exprès ou je suis très bête ?!) merci de ne pas répondre, je connais la réponse ;-) ...

    Bonne journée. Tu rates rien, dehors il pleut!...

  9. Famous quote from legendary manager of Liverpool FC, the late Bill Shankly:
    "Football is not a matter of life and death, it's much more important than that"

    When you mentioned your weekend trip to Geekdom Eric, I wondered what a collective noun for geeks might be.
    There are several geek-on-geek sites discussing this (yes, really!)

    The most popular suggestion seemed to be an Array of Geeks which I didn't get at first.
    Evidently an Array can mean a systematic arrangement of objects, usually in rows or columns, used in computing science, mathematics, astronomy etc. which makes it a geeky in-joke as well. Perfect!

    I also liked:
    A Google of Geeks.
    A Cache of Geeks.

    Have a nice Geekend.

  10. Bright and colorful! Looks like they are having fun, but are very serious about their game as well. I'm all in for American Football, but other sports don't interest me that much. (Go Chicago Bears!) But I'm glad that there are many different sports so everyone can find one that they enjoy -- rock, paper, scissors, anyone?

  11. Love the juxtaposition of static bars and hyper-dynamic action behind them.

    Have a great weekend,

  12. A Google of Geeks sounds fun! And more sexy than of course ;-)
    LOL Christie. I didn't get it immediately. My favorite is paper over rock! There is the well too ... Paper over the well that also works.
    All Geeks may not remember this ancient game though (some may...?! With children :-D).