Saturday, May 17, 2014

Drinks at Kong

If you happen to be in Paris and look for a cool place (with a view) to have a drink, I suggest you pay a visit to Le Kong, a restaurant located on top of the Samaritaine (well, one of the old Samaritaine stores). Of course it's a little "trendy" (meaning expensive!), but the view is really worth it and you don't have to have dinner there, you can simply have drinks until 6 pm. And the good thing is that it's really not too crowded (meaning, you can take the table at the very end of the top room which offers the best view;-) FYI: The decor - which includes these big heads on the plastic chairs - is by Starck, bien sûr...).


  1. I wish I could go there and enjoy the sight. It real!y looks like a place to know. Thank you for this reminding. Great !

  2. Very cool Eric, love the 'floating' head!

  3. I had no idea there was anything open in the old Samaritaine. I'm wondering when the renovation of the site will be finished. We used to love to eat in the restaurant that was there. It had a great view also.

    1. In fact Stuart, they've recently stopped renovation work on part of the building site due to a conflict between the Architect/Minister/City or someone for not respecting some architectural "truisms" of the building/city. Yeah, it's quite complicated, but hopefully you get the idea.

  4. Eric je voudrais t'envoyer la photo prise sur le toit du printemps le jour de forte pluie.

  5. I had noticed this place on a few visits and always wonder what it looked like inside (I imagined having my appartment up there). Indeed the view must be somenthing. Thank you for getting there for us !