Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Through the keyhole

I felt like a voyeur when I took this photo yesterday afternoon from the Quai Malaquais! And though this courtyard, that belongs to the Beaux Arts (fine arts) school, is widely open the the public eyes. It's probably the way this lady hides her private parts that made me think of that! That's all, I just wanted to put a smile on your face and I hope I did!


  1. Clever way to frame the shot! :-)

  2. What a find ! I may be wrong but I'll tell you the way I am feeling her gesture.
    This lady, like you said, hides what she can with what she has got. Only two arms... and a face that she tries to prevent from other eyes, maybe in which she doesn't (totally) trust ! What would she do if she had other arms? Maybe she would simply want to escape herself from this courtyard .
    In French, I would name it : pudeur (a kind of 'decency' in English). I like it in others. Nothing to see with chastity though ! The opposite of 'decency', or more surely 'pudeur' in French, is the vulgarity, isn't it ? Vulgarity is personally the thing I feel the most uneasy with ! I know what I have just pointed out is unlike the hypest trend of our period but I can assume this breach of ideology !
    Ok I'll quit and say that your photo is a really nice find ;) Thanks for all this beautiful photos, always nice to breathe and think about, Eric and have a nice following !

  3. Well, I'm smiling . . .
    (I also love the way you framed this.)

  4. LOOOOOL Eric !!! Aren't you ashamed of embarassing her ??? Well, she does not hide much in fact ...
    The man behind this statue seems really welcoming BTW!! But first of all thank you for the attempt of a smile. Well, you did !

  5. Your strength has always been not just the photographs, which are masterful (believe me, I know from my own attempts), but the photographs combined with the commentary (conversational, educational, sometimes mischievous, sometimes sérieux, always looked forward to).