Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Zealand fashion show

You may remember the day I attended the opening of Koko, a New Zealand fashion store in Le Marais? Well, now I have been invited to a New Zealand fashion show at the NZ Embassy. How cool is that?! It was a delightful evening - people from New Zealand are very welcoming I must say - even if I could not stay until the end, because it was the same day I visited the Rosenblum Collection. I stayed long enough to take tons of photos of course ;-). Check them out in this little Animoto.


  1. I love the woman peeking around on our right!


  2. Gosh, I sure needed a dose of Paris today. Merci, Eric - for today and yesterday, which I just saw!

    Were you down a stairway when you took this??!! Shades of Orson Welles. ;)

  3. Back home from Paris and playing catch-up with PDP. You've been everywhere! (And posted a couple of my favorite "famous Tenin perspectives." This one is super.) It was great to see you, mon capitain!

  4. This photo has so many interesting elements (including, of course, the Tenin Perspective!), and it conveys a "fashion show feel." Nicely done!

  5. Mais oui, les Kiwis......from the ground up!

  6. ahh I wish I was there with you like I was with the KoKo launch!! *Sigh* 5 more months to go! great pics Eric!! x

  7. Ah, the Tenin Perspective. Who knew that such a simple thing could bring us such joy? :) Love the photo, love that little striped dress! So cute!

  8. @Roniece. All this thanks to you...

    @Alexa " It was great to see you, mon capitain", and it was great seeing you too. I bet the Big Apple missed you ;-)

    @Buzzgirl "I love the woman peeking around on our right!" LOL. Funny, that is exactly why I chose this photo!

  9. Kia Ora
    Ka mau te wehi
    Kia pai tō rā

    Hello / Thank you /Good Health
    Have a nice day!

  10. For a New Zealander who has been reading looking at your beautiful photos every day since we left Paris in 2007 it's lovely to see you have a connection to us, Eric.

    Thank you.

  11. great Job dear Eric.. when Karl Lagerfeld is inviting you ..Please let me go with you .. O love him
    tks Andrea