Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bad Boy!

Any relationship with "a" current affair would be totally coincidental... Actually this bad boy did not seem to be that bad, quite the contrary, very quiet ;-) FYI, there are about 200 000 dogs in Paris (8 million in France, that is roughly one for 8 French!) and - since you're going to raise the subject! - it is compulsory to pick up after your dog since 2002 (OK, there are a few exceptions...)!
Picnic alert. Don't forget the PDP picnic this Saturday at 7 pm. I'm waiting for a more accurate weather report to decide on the location, but it's very likely to be on the banks, as usual.


  1. Ha, I finally made it to France (in April) but my timing was very bad for a picnic in Paris. Have a fabulous time and maybe someday I can join in.

  2. I love that the French love their chiens, but also that they now have "pooper scooper" laws (as we do here in NYC). I'm thinking lots of good thoughts about the weather for the pique-nique, even though I can't be there (zut!). Meanwhile, I'm still appreciating your (indoor) repas français extraordinaire!

  3. This Bad Boy reminds me of "Le Bouledogue" Brasserie on rue Rambuteau! A wonderful place to enjoy good food, wine, friends et chiens!!!!! You should try it sometime when you are near Beaubourg, Eric...maybe when buying paint at Leroy Merlin! :-)

  4. I went to the Bonne Marche one time and someone came in with a little dog which surprised me.
    I like the sounde of " Le Bouledougue " .

    Ash cloud permitting will be there on Saturday ( maybe I should have cycled again ) will you let us know the best metro stop.

  5. Oh I know about the 'few exceptions', I was too busy taking in the beauty of Paris and , yup..squelch! Icky!!

  6. How funny! Is that the owner's wishful thinking or what the dog hears most often?

    Hope I don't find an "exception" when I walk the streets of Paris!