Friday, June 10, 2011

Biological attack?

Today two packages containing "a chemical substance", were sent to the Mondadori press group in Montrouge (close to Paris). This lead to the evacuation of the building and the intervention of the firemen. Nothing too serious apparently, but with the recent bacteria affair that lead to the death of several people - mainly in Germany - the good old chemical terrorist attack is now regularly mentioned! FYI, I did not take this photo personally, but I asked Guillaume Frat, who works there and who owns a great blog (in French) to lend it to me ;-)


  1. Thumbs up! Love it. Reminds me of something I can't really say what.... Interdit! Always tempting to go and see what is taking place ahead the red & white sign. My best souvenir in Montrouge is a lunch in a restaurant called 'l'opportuniste'. Maybe your friend would know.

  2. Merci! The site is working great for me again. Loving the photos as always!!

  3. Good one to "borrow," Eric! The graphic re-and-white banner with the shadows behind—very effective. Here in NYC, I admit I do worry a bit about this sort of attack.

  4. Eric, dis donc ! If I'm right, it's only the 2nd or 3rd time since the beginning of PDP that the photo is not yours...
    I remember Guille's Parisienne, and maybe there's another one...?

  5. Yes, another one was Stuart's ET in the snow !!

  6. The photo is interesting. Could be sort of a movie scene. But no! This is scary to think of the real scene with the risk of a true chemical attack, the pompiers de Paris intervention, the fear it may have caused. Well, fear appart, I can imagine the entertainment for people yesterday!
    Do we know now if it was a fake or not?

  7. Popeye said: I eats my spinach!
    Not the best advice to give to children (and adults) in Europe right now...:)

  8. What's the problem with the spinach I ate at dinner yesterday(no kidding !)??
    Today, I'm still fine ; let see it later :) Lol!... Well, biological attack is a real threat, joke apart.
    Great photo Guillaume : could even have been Eric's one. Love the colors.

  9. I do wish that everyone's focus in life was, "What can I do to help everyone else?". The world would be such a different place right now. But as it isn't, we just have to do what we can where we are! I hope you all have a lovely day. :)

  10. The site is working well now, the removal of the button must have been the cure.

    Maybe you intended this: Pompiers De Paris and Paris Daily Photo are both PDP and crossing into PDP was forbidden.

  11. Excellent Jeff!!!
    Pompiers de Paris and Paris Daily Photo are both PDP! So we both infringed the rule!
    See what does this mean about us ;)? lol
    Love to PDP <3.

  12. Jeff, well spotted, zat Eric is so cunning n'est-ce-pas?

    Flore, forbidden fruit sometimes tastes sweeter....

    Thib, if they re-make the film The Thirty-Nine Steps (again), you should be The Memory Man.

    Chemical Substance, you are one of those catch-all terms used when they don't know what you are or they don't want to tell us what you are.
    Perhaps you are someone's weekly coke supply.

  13. I was pondering if I should check out PDP without losing my patience. I am happy to report it is working just fine. I have some catching up to do.

  14. Re Drummond : lol ! Have you already tasted personally ? ;)

    "Someone's weekly coke supply" : Eric, I swear, I did never want you to have any trouble... shh ... but Drummond always shows a lot of
    perspicacity (wink)... Feeling sorry you know ;)

  15. I've remembered Paris and I felt a little sad.



    Barcelona Daily Photo

  16. @Flore L'opportuniste ? I think I know this place ;-)

    @Mpls Loves Paris So much for the I like button then!

    @Alexa. Yes I'm sure you do ;-(

    @Thib. "If I'm right, it's only the 2nd or 3rd time since the beginning of PDP that the photo is not yours..." Well, yes (if you're only talking about the ones I said I did not take ;-))

    @Anonymous "Do we know now if it was a fake or not?" No we don't, but if it had been serious, I'm sure it would be everywhere in the news.

    @Martin. True, but they may also tell you that there are no bacteria in French fries!!

    @A. Thanks. I'm sure Guillaume will be happy to read this!

    @Christie. "What can I do to help everyone else?". Er... not really "à la mode" at the moment.

    @Jeff "Pompiers De Paris and Paris Daily Photo are both PDP and crossing into PDP was forbidden." LOOOOL

    @Drummond Nice to see you back here ;-) "forbidden fruit sometimes tastes sweeter.." How do you know?!

    @Nadege. I'm sorry?. Sometimes "better is the enemy of good". I won't do it again (yes I will!)

    @Flore. Don't worry, I don't think the Police reads PDP!

    @Valery. "I've remembered Paris and I felt a little sad." I'm sorry to hear that. You know, it's not that far from Barcelona (and Easy jet has cheap tickets!)

  17. its really nice to see it thanks for sharing it