Monday, June 20, 2011

Helicopter ride over Paris

Lucky me I went on a helicopter ride above Paris yesterday (Sunday)... Well when I say above, it's more accurate to say, around, because flying over Paris is totally forbidden. It was nice, but not extraordinary, because for legal reasons (helicopters are noisy!) they have to take you away to the west suburbs as quickly as possible and you don't get to see much. I would not really recommend it, unless you have never been on a helicopter before. In which case, it's still a nice experience. More photos on the making of.


  1. Oooooooo... what a treat!!! Let's see if anyone can name the monuments, famous buildings, etc... that we can see on this exclusive shot!

    I'll start:

    Maison de la Radio (The big fat circular building on the right bank, past the Eiffel Tower).

    Anyone? :D

  2. Eric, if it'll make you feel any better, we went on a "flight over the Bay a while back and it was nice (except for the part where we were all wondering if we'd land safely ;) but we could not fly over the nicer neighborhoods. Fortunately, SF is not very big and we could see enough while not flying directly over the City.

    Anyway, you still got a spectacular shot (reflexion on the window notwithstanding). Next time, you might try opening the window, uh? ;)

    J/K of course. Thanks for the new desktop background, hehehe ;)

  3. Yes, more pictures please! Although this one is fantastic on its own. I'd be happy to fly around Paris.

  4. Does anyone see the roof of the Grand Palais?

  5. This is a great photo. Paris looks amazing from above!

  6. Oooh, even if the experience had its flaws, t'avais de la chance, mon vieux! Sérieusement, look at this photo!
    Am definitely looking forward to more—and to shots of the white dinner too!

  7. It took me a moment to orient myself, but yes, Tomate, I do see the roof of the Grand Palais - and to the right of it I see the beautiful gilded horses that border my favorite bridge in the world - Pont Alexandre!

  8. I see my favourite Quick Burger Restaurant! Superb!

  9. And I can see my office ;-(

    Great shot, Eric! I want to see the others...

  10. And I can see my home :)
    And is it me or I can see the Eiffel Tower ?
    Sorry, I had to do it....pfff ! ;)

  11. Ah, Flore, you stole my line! I was going to say that I see the Eiffel Tower, which is the only landmark I know in this picture thus far.

    Eric, glad you and Michael had such an opportunity though! It is amazing. :)

  12. And do I not see the Trocadero, and way off to the right, Montparnasse?

  13. I love the splashes of green from the trees .

  14. That's it I just posted the photos on the making of.

    @Tomate "but we could not fly over the nicer neighborhoods." But did you get to see the Golden Gate bridge from above??

    @Monica "went to see Midnight in Paris" I did too (with Mr and Mrs PHX-CDG actually!) and yes it's really cool.

    @Petrea. See the link in the caption for more photos.

    @Monnica. Wow, you do have good eyes!

    @Beau Gosse LOOOOOOOL Yes, we have a lot of those too ;-)

    @Thib. Where do you work? I forgot

    @Tomate. yes, Microsoft is at Issy les Moulinaux.

    @Flore. Yes I think it's the Eiffel Tower ;-)

    @Jaq. "I love the splashes of green from the trees". Yes I'm surprised, it's quite green actually.

  15. I THOUGHT there was less air traffic around here! I've been living in California and on the coast for the past 3 years and every day there are dozens of noisy helicopters flying over my place. It drives me insane - most of them seem to be military, too, so they come in groups and are LOUD. Whenever I'm in Paris I notice the quiet skies and have wondered if if was my imagination or they really don't allow it. Now I know! Thanks!

  16. Only 18 commentaires on an ET posting? oh la la! I can see I'm missed around here.

    Your photos (and info) are superb as always, Eric. I wish I could stop by more!