Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pick up after your dog

As I already mentioned here, there are about 200 000 dogs in Paris and according to Wikipedia and other sources, they produce daily 16 tons of, well, this! The thing is that since 2002, dog owners must pick up after their favorite companion. To remind them of this there are several signs like this one throughout Paris. This one is different, because it's been a little tagged. There is also a guide on line on the Paris.fr site where you can read things like "don't try to teach your dog about cleanness, it's a human concept" LOL!


  1. The more reminders, the better.

    I love dogs.

    I hate bad owners of dogs.

    Unfortunately, we can't put electric shock collars on the owners. Wouldn't that be great?

    "Hey, neighbor, your dog is barking at night. Please make it stop so I can sleep."

    "If I'm not home, I don't care if my dog ZAP! Aagh!"

    "Let's try this again," I said, smiling.

  2. Loved all the photos from yesterday! Especially the wide angle ones. Today's subject brings us all right back down to 'earth' again!! But, I love this kind of photo, too.

  3. love the composition of this, eric, no s***. also love what the tagger did to it.

  4. The tagger gave the sign an other-worldly quality that makes such a mundane subject quite appealing! Merci a toi, Eric! ^_^

  5. LOL Monnica!

    I am not a dog owner, but I really appreciate when good dog owners take care of the messes that their pooch make in public areas. There are several reasons that I don't want a dog, and that is one of them! :)

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  7. I'm living in France for the summer and I've noticed two major things since I've been here. 1. There is a large amount of dogs and 2. there is dog poop every couple of feet. I guess the whole pick up after your animal doesn't apply to all of France, yet- It really should though. I come from Austin, Texas and there is a large amount of dogs living in that city as well, but you never see the large amounts of poop on the streets like you do here. I wasn't used to it at all. Nor have I ever needed to be so aware of where I stepped. The streets are large public places where people walk through every second of the day, So people need to respect them. Pick up after you dog. It's you responsibility and no one else. The whole cleanness concept thing is quite funny, but since you can't really teach dogs cleanness then the owners got to be clean!

  8. The really worst is when you are walking in one yourself...
    while you were reading the sign for instance... Oh sh...!

  9. There's nothing like stooping over to pick up sh*t to clarify who's the master:) I love animals but don't care for the poop scooping, so... Eric, where I live there are not only signs but also a display of little plastic bags for convenient use. Maybe there IS something the French can learn from us:)ha!

  10. It is indeed a rare person who will actually pick up his dog's stuff !

  11. LOL, Monica. And I love your idea, Jeff. Your interesting statistics have brought us right back to reality, Eric. I'm happy to report that New Yorkers are very good about cleaning up after their dogs.

  12. I can´t understand what is so complicated to clean up after dogs - I mean - a dog is a family member and it´s natural to clean up after it on the same way as people do wafter their own children. It´s sad and disgusting to destroy the environment by this just because of lazyness of some dog-owners. In takes only 2 seconds to clean it up!!!

    I have a dog (a mid-size one) as well - and it is just quick, easy and natural to have few small sacks in my bag for this occasion... same in the streets, same in my garden, same at the lake, same everywhere... It´s like having reserve nappies for your baby, just easier to handle and pack even in your pocket.