Monday, August 08, 2011

Stormy weather

I don't know if you saw the video I posted on Facebook, but sometimes I feel like we're experiencing the monsoon in Paris LOL! I did not take the video myself (this guy did), but I witnessed the same storm in the 14th arrondissement. It was very impressive - and very beautiful too. Now, is that an allegory for the financial storm that is going to fall on our head on this Monday?!


  1. I saw the video.
    Very impressive!

    Also like your picture... As I (almost) always do.

  2. Oh my! Bet all the doggie poopoo is gone!

    Rain still looks more beautiful in Paris than in Ohio!

  3. I looked at the video.....but I have looked and looked and looked at this photo.....and I cannot discern it at all...just the tree trunks in the lower left corner. I must say I feel a bit staring at one of those 3D art prints that suddendly pop out at you and make a shape....and I am NOT seeing it! LOL :D

  4. @Beau Gosse. Yes you're right, it's not obvious! It's just a café awning... ;-)

  5. Ok beau gosse, I thought that I was the crazy one, but I think I finally figured it out.

    Vertical on the left are trees. The black bit, and the piece protruding out from it to the left is the awning, and well, the rest is a torrential rain I'm guessing.

    Thanks for making us guess Eric! And of course, you can confirm or deny my explanation if I'm still crazy.

  6. Ooh, Michael...leaving it up to us to confirm or deny if you're crazy? LOL

    Eric, it is a lovely picture of rain! How can you make rain look beautiful? I guess Parisian anything is just beautiful. :)

  7. I watched the video and didn't see any of the famous Metro umbrellas! I guess there were no tourists in the video ;)

  8. Three years ago, the same stormy weather, ... three years ago, almost the same picture (not the same area though)! And Ella Fitzgerald's lovely voice, playing lovely notes, in my head.

    It was in 2008, the 08th of August. Like today, the 08th. I recall very well the post. I was in vacation, not in Paris, but still connected.

    There are years like that. Sems to be...

  9. Eric, the video is awesome and scary at the same time:) I have seen many postcards of the Paris flood of 1910. The video reminds me of those. Most of the US is suffering a deadly heat and drought. What a contrast to your monsoon!

  10. Will all this rain wash away the Paris Plage?

  11. I concur with beau gosse. I OBVIOUSLY can't see what everyone is seeing. LOL

    Hopefully the "storm" won't be as bad as everyone is expecting.


  12. Oh, I had the same thought as Lois! The poor plage is probably in the river. For some reason, Louis XV also came to mind. :~}
    Your photo is incredible (and that video—OMG!).

  13. The U.S. is suffering heat, but not necessarily drought. Much of the country has had similar monsoons, take my word for it.

    And, Michael, just because you described the photo accurately, does not remove doubt about your sanity! Even crazies get it right once in a while, n'est-ce pas?

    Love, J

  14. Bonjour Eric!
    I have a special request that many of us will find fascinating. According to RFI, the last farm in Paris is about to be shut down:

    This is amazing! A farm in Paris! I found this collection of photos of the farm:

    Is there any chance you could take some photos of it before it is torn down?

  15. @Flore. Very funny actually. I do remember very well this 2008 storm.

    @Jeff. I never heard of this farm; It's very intriguing... Thank you, I'm going to investigate.